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​Visit the additions below for our custom Residential Construction in the hottest neighborhoods near Oklahoma City​.  Call or contact us when you're ready to build your dream home in the addition that suits your family budget and location needs.

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Residential Additions Map - SWM & Sons

5 Acre Lots at 119th & Anderson

Location: 119th & Anderson Rd. Exit South on to Anderson Rd. off of I-240 and drive until you reach 119th St. All the lots are on the SW corner of 119th and Anderson

Lot prices: $75,000 to $84,000

Lot sizes: 5 acre

Lots available:12

School district: Carl Albert (Mid Del) ​​​​

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Ashton Cove

Location: Just West of SE 29th & S Hiwassee Rd on South side of SE 29th

Lot prices: $70,000+

Lot sizes: 1 acre +

Lots available: Yes

School district: ​​Choctaw

Ashton Cove - SWM & Sons

​Avery Lots

Location: SE 15th & S Post Rd​ Go East to Avery and turn South.  Lots are just past stop sign at SE 21st on East side of Avery

​​​Lot prices:​ $45,000+

Lot sizes: ​1 acre

Lots available: SOLD

School district: Carl Albert (Mid Del) ​​​​

The Bridges - SWM & Sons

​Chandler Crossing

Location: SE 29th & S Noma Rd  On SE 29th between Post & Westminster across from Dolese is Noma Rd.  Go South on Noma approx. 3/4 mile to entrance on West side

​Lot prices:​ $55,000+

Lot sizes: ​1 acre

Lots available: Yes

School district: Carl Albert (Mid Del)

Chandler Crossing - SWM & Sons

​Castle Gate

Location: Reno Ave & Hiwassee Rd   On Reno between Henney and Hiwassee.  Entrance is on South side of street. SOLD

​Model Home Here

Castle Gate Home - SWM & Sons

Deer Run

Location: NE 63rd & Henney Rd  NW corner of SE 63rd and Henney Rd

Lot prices: $40,000+

Lot sizes: ​1 acre

Lots available: Yes

School district: Jones ​​​​

Deer Run - SWM & Sons

​Eastwood Summit

Location: Reno Ave & N Anderson Rd  North of Reno and Anderson about 1/4 mile to entrance

​Lot prices: $36,000+

Lot sizes: City lots - 75x120 ​

Lots available: Lots SOLD. One house available.

School district: Choctaw ​​​​

Eastwood Summit - SWM & Sons

Forest Glen

Location: SE 29th & Hiwassee  ​​​​Just north of SE 29th and Hiwassee on West side

Lot prices: $52,000+

Lot sizes: City lots - 80x130 to 100x207

Lots available: Yes

School district: Choctaw

Forest Glen - SWM & Sons

Fox Hollow

Location: SE 15th & ​S ​Triple X Rd  ​​​​On Triple X Rd between SE 15th and Reno on West side

Lot prices: $57,000+

Lot sizes: ​1.17 to 1.84 acres

Lots available: Yes

School district: Choctaw

Fox Hollow - SWM & Sons


Location: SE 44th & Choctaw Rd ​ Go East 1/4 mi to entrance on North side

Lot prices: $54,000+

Lot sizes: ​1 acre

Lots available: Yes

School district: Choctaw

Huntington - SWM & Sons

Les Chateaux

Location: SE 29th & Henney Rd ​ Go South approx. 1/2 mile to entrance on East side

Lot prices: $65,000+

Lot sizes: 1 acre​

Lots available: Yes

School district: Choctaw​

Les Chateaux - SWM & Sons

Mystic Ridge

Location: ​SE 54th & Post Rd ​ Lot is located at back of cul-de-sac

​Lot prices: $59,000

Lot sizes: ​ 1 acre + 1 acre behind

Lots available:SOLD

School district: Carl Albert (Mid-Del)​​​​

Mystic Ridge - SWM & Sons

Quail Hollow

Location: Reno Ave & Hiwassee Rd  On Reno between Anderson and Hiwassee.  Entrance is on South side of Reno

​Lot prices: $55,000

Lot sizes: ​1 acre

Lots available:SOLD

School district: Choctaw ​​​​

Quail Hollow - SWM & Sons

Rustic Oaks

Location: 15th St. & Indian Meridian  About a quarter mile East of Indian Meridian on the South side of 15th Street.

Lot prices: $50,000 

Lot sizes: 1/2 acre

Lots available:Yes

School district: Choctaw ​​​​

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​Stonegate Crossing

Location: Reno Ave & Indian Meridian Rd  On Reno between Indian Meridian and Triple X Rd on south side of Reno

Lot prices: $46,000

Lot sizes: ​1 acre

Lots available: 1

School district: Choctaw​​​​

Stonegate Crossing
Sold Ribbon - SWM & Sons

Tuscany Ridge

Location: SE 29th & S Anderson Rd  On Anderson between SE 29th and SE 15th on East side of street

​Lot prices: $69,000

Lot sizes: ​1 acre

Lots available:​ 1

School district: Choctaw

Tuscany Ridge - SWM & Sons


Location: SE 15th & S Douglas Blvd  On SE 15th just West of Douglas on North side of street

​Lot prices: $70,000

Lot sizes: ​City Lot

Lots available: 1

School district: Mid-Del ​​​​

Woodlands - SWM & Sons
Select A Floor Plan - SWM & Sons

Select A Floor Plan

One of the most exciting times in your life can be building a home! And the right floor plan can shape how you experience your home. From the size and shape, to where the rooms are located can make or break your home experience. 

We have an extensive selection of floor plans to help you find the perfect one for your family.

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